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Sunday, October 5, 2014

Gay books at the library

Forgive me, I'm writing from my phone today so this is bound to not flow well.

Today I was at the library and I was upset I could not find in the database a clear cut LGBTQ section. However when I finally located a gay fiction book (and found it in the fiction section with all the other fiction books that weren't labeled with something like Sci fi) I had another frustrated moment but then I stopped. I ran my fingers over the cover, over the spines of the near by books and I smiled. It was a victory.  That's how it felt in that moment. It wasn't segregated. Not taboo. It was accepted. Wanted. It was out there with all other general fiction books. That's amazing- Regardless of how annoyed I was trying to find it.

When I was searching and found nothing I was saddened. As the visit went on I couldn't find many things I wanted. Well, the library is shifting their shelving and dividing categories and that seems to be why. With luck and strategic keywords I was able to find everything, including the gay fiction novel I checked  out. But oh was that a frustrating hour. Thankfully, It totally paid off and renewed my hope.


  1. I have totally never attempted to find any Gay Fiction at the Library. I simply assumed it was unlikely to be there. Glad you found something. It is a celebration!!

    1. :) I was really happy and I might have gotten teary eyed.