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Saturday, November 8, 2014

On Facebook I was tagged by the brilliant Laziel Denali (and as I wrote this, the awesome Eric Roberts too) to post 7 lines starting from line 7 on page 7 of my current WIP. This is from page 7 of my Nano project, tentatively titled Confrontations: Lies (I was wrong I do have more than 7 pages). WARNING: adult content and gay content. It pretty much always is. I suppose it would have more shock value if I said Warning: sunshine rainbows kittens and feel good stuff ahead.... I DO have stuff like that collecting dust somewhere...*shrugs* And you are lucky if you get proper punctuation, I'm doing a once over. It's Nanowrimo. I JUST wrote it.
He left the tea and toast with butter, cinnamon, and sugar sitting next to Nolan on the bedside table. "I wish I didn’t have to go...." Kim whispered and sat on the edge of the bed, and meant it. If they lived together he could be there for him more, take care of him when he was sick or needed a hug instead of always bolting. He didn’t do the touchy-feely thing well but he had arms and they could be for more than just putting people in choke holds, or holding them down while he-
"I’ll be alright." Nolan smiled and patted Kim’s thigh. "You’re very sweet to worry, but I’ll be alright. I know you have to go. Call me when you get in?"
Kim shook his head. "No. You need to be resting. If you’re awake at that time it better be because you got up to take more medicine." He narrowed his eyes at him. "I mean it. Get your rest. You won’t get better if you don’t let your body heal itself."
Nolan pursed his lips and chewed on the inside of his cheek. He could tell because of the way it puckered, not unlike when he was giving one of his life changing blow jobs. Kim shifted, suddenly lamenting the perfectly sized jeans he had on. No room for growth of any kind.
"Okay." Nolan sighed then pat his thigh again. "Okay. I promise I’ll take it easy."
"You were planning to get out of bed as soon as I left." He held a hand up to stop him from defending himself. "I’m on to you. I know." He tapped his temple. "I’m smart like that. But you promised."
"Yeah. I’ll stay in bed. Scouts honor." He did the salute properly
"Were you a Boyscout?"
"No, are you kidding me?"
The note of disgust in Nolan's voice made Kim cringe inside. "Right. so lame...." It wasn't, though. Being a scout had, in the beginning, been one of the brighter parts of his childhood. Despite how it had all turned out, he held those memories dear.
"You were though. I’m an idiot." Nolan pounded his palm into his forehead
"Hey, don’t do that." he said grabbing his hand and pulling it down to the blankets.
Rolling his eyes at himself, Nolan added, "Of course you were. That makes total sense."
He saw right through the cover up making Kim wonder yet again how Nolan didn’t see that this entire relationship was more of the same, built on lies and false hopes. Love really was blind and all that. That was fortunate, for Kim. "I was... once."
"I'm sorry, Kim. I didn’t mean it shit on your childhood."
"No, it's okay. Shit away. It was already pretty shitty to begin with." He slid off the bed abruptly and went for his jacket. "I can’t stall any longer. I have to go."
"I’m sorry."
"Seriously, I’m fine." He wasn’t and he knew Nolan wasn’t buying it, not with that edge to his tone.
"Um. Okay." he said dejectedly, like he’d yelled at him or shut him down. Shit. He had.
"We’ll talk about it later," Kim said coming back to the bedside and leaning in for the briefest kiss. "Alright?" Not that he wanted to talk about it at all, but he knew it was important to his lover to know him. The things Nolan didn’t know about him could fill a library. Kim couldn’t share a whole shelf worth but maybe a volume or two wouldn’t hurt. He owed that to him, that and so much more.

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