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Sunday, September 7, 2014

Blog Tour! Crimson Ties by VL Moon and JT Cheyanne

Today I'm honored to be a part of: 

Crimson Ties Blog Tour

I have two interviews for you. One with a character from the series and one with the two amazing authors! There is also a giveaway!

Crimson Ties
Authors: VL Moon and JT Cheyanne
Series: Crimson Reign, book #2
Pages: 794


Not everything in Heaven is as holy as it seems… 

In Crimson Ties, the second installment of the Crimson Nights Saga, Laziel is nowhere to be found, and with the ferocity of Malachi Denali’s vampiric temperament growing out of control, Rome’s Vatican enclave and those that dwell there risk everything to keep their King’s throne out of Darklon De Sangue’s treacherous hands.
As Darklon’s mental state deteriorates, his treasonous plans to overthrow Malachi know no bounds. With Arial dancing upon a deadly double-edged sword and working to gain Darklon’s trust, this continuing saga keeps everyone on tenterhooks as new treaties are strengthened and friendships are forged by oaths and blood.
Will Laziel return in time to save Malachi from those that threaten the male he loves, or will the fury of Malachi’s distain for emotion see Laziel ascend if he refuses to accept the hand that destiny has dealt him and the gift of his angel’s love?
With emotions running high, and Malachi’s past turning up to haunt them both in the form of the mysterious Vischeral Bourne, the twists and turns may prove too much for Laziel and his vampire. While Malachi and Laziel struggle with fate, an alliance with the wolves and the secrets behind the Nephilim and their sadistic Queen threaten to rock the very foundations of the supernatural world.
Who knows what ties will bind and which will fade away.
With a high element of supernatural romance and erotic sexcapades between male lovers, Crimson Ties may not be to some people’s taste, but for those brave enough to step into the wicked world of Laz and Lachi, we hope that you will read and thoroughly enjoy…
Crimson Ties

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Amazon UK:

Instead of a review today I’ll just say, if you haven’t started these books yet, you are missing out big time. They're action and angst, pain and longing, joy and triumph, a grab bag of emotions and a lot of hot sex. I also have something special for you:  An interview with vampire Elder Darklon De Sangue given by my alter ego, William, who is joined by some very special guests.

Character Interview - Darklon De Sangue
The interviewer- William Tate, human
The interrogated- Darklon De Sangue, corrupt vampire Elder
Back up- Malachi Denali, the vampire king
            - Laziel, the king’s angel
            - Arial, fallen angel

William: *William glances from one man to the next, suppressing a tremor when his eyes meet those of the vampire he was sent to interview. Darklon De Sangue. Everyone knew he was bad news. He takes his seat and looks down at his hands and the scrap of paper with his interrogation outline printed out neatly. In hindsight, perhaps he should have tried to come up with basic questions NOT meant to provoke Darklon, but knowing that the king and his angel would be there had made him feel brave. Malachi Denali, the king of the whole vampire race, is one of very few vampires Will trusts not to hurt him. In his experience, even the friendly ones could turn on you. The Elder is not going to enjoy this encounter but it seems he brought his own back up. He clears his throat, reaches through the blood bond to his mates to borrow their courage, and raises his head to look upon true evil with a smile.* Thank you for agreeing to this interview, I know how busy you are with all of the scheming and wreaking havoc and all.
Darklon: *Settles into a seat next to Arial and smiles menacingly baring fangs while glaring at the vampire king and his guardian angel* I wouldn't say I agreed to the interview. More like I was forced, but since I'm here. What are your questions?
Arial : *Shifts in his seat and tries to keep a straight face when Laz quirks a brow and shakes his head in warning.*
Will: First things first, Darklon- and I suggest you heed the warning. My mate, well, one of them, is a vampire and he has stated that if you so much as touch me, you’ll die for good. *Takes a deep breath and begins.* Now that we have that out of the way, First question. With your death looming, ya know from all the evil things you do, is there anything you regret?
Darklon: *leans toward the puny human and widens his smile* Before I answer your question, human, please realize that  your little threat doesn't scare me. In fact, I can smell your fear and it's quite enticing. *he felt a heavy hand on his shoulder and glanced back to see Arial's stern, unsmiling face* Fine, I'll behave. I have Vischeral waiting for me at home anyway. There's no way the child can be as invigorating as my vasselo.
Arial: *Wishes he'd brought the hand sanitizing gel and winces at the threat*
Laz:  Now now, Loni...Play nice. Don't want to have to put you in your place again now do I? William, proceed with caution. This motherfucker doesn't care who you belong to and I have enough on my hands with Destahny and her very over protective daddy!
Lachi: *barely restrains a growl at the mention of Bourne's name*

Darklon: *shifts in his seat and enjoys the obvious agitation of the fake king* I have no idea what you refer to as evil, Mr. Tate. I have no regrets in my long life. As for my death, you are mistaken. I am immortal. I will outlive you all.
William: Of course. Do you sometimes wish you had a master?
Darklon: *chuckles* Definitely not. No one rules me.
Lachi: *eyes glowing red* Oh but they do, Loni. I rule you and the rest of the vampire race. Would you like a demonstration of my authority?
Arial : *Smirks*
William: What happened to you in your childhood to make you so bitter, I mean, the way you are?
Darklon: My dear boy, I am not bitter. *glares at Laziel and Malachi* What kind of questions are these? I am an Elder. I have duties that require my attention. I demand I be released to attend to my enclave.
Lachi: You get up and I let the angel loose on your ass. End. Of.
Laziel : *Rubs his hands together causing static to jump between his fingers and dance along the floor around Darklons feet* You’re only as immortal as I allow you to be. Show your king respect or I'll be changing that sooner than expected ya crazy old goon!
Darklon: *narrows his eyes at Laziel but keeps his mouth shut at the warning glare from Arial*
William: When you aren’t pining over a lost… victim or plotting to dethrone the king, what do you do with your spare time? Any hobbies?
Darklon: *muscle in his jaw twitching as he grinds his teeth together* Are you accusing me of treason, you pesky human? How dare you make such unfounded accusations. *surges to his feet and meets the wall of Arial's chest*
Arial: *Growls* Don't give them cause to exact a punishment on you...Just answer the human's questions so we can leave.
William: *mutters* You know I do have a name….

Laziel : *Winks at Arial and drops his eyes to Loni's seat*...SIT...Be a good boy and we might give you a treat...One or two extra days might be enough to tempt you, Loni!"
William: What is your fondest memory?
Darklon: Turning Vischeral Bourne. *body responding as the memories start to play in his mind* He's such a magnificent specimen. *hears the voices start to whisper and fights the all consuming urge to port back to where he has Vischeral*
Laziel : *Feels the stirrings of his emotions beginning to taunt him and grinds his jaw hard as he cuts a sideways glance toward Lachi.*
Lachi: *recognizes his angel's agitation and lays a hand on his thigh, stroking almost casually with his fingers in reassurance*
William: *His eyes flick to the interaction between Lachi and Laziel and he smiles thinking of the many ways his mates calm him. Turning back to Darklon he gives the next question before he loses his nerve* Who do you NOT want dead or enslaved?
Darklon: *sighs dramatically*  What a confused image of me you seem to have. I am an esteemed Elder of Malachi's court. Are you going to ask any real questions, or just make accusations?
Arial : *Rolls his eyes and nudges Darklon in the ribs when Laziel begins to rise.*
William: What would be your dream date?
Darklon: *shakes head trying to silence the whispers* Seriously? That's a real question? I don't have time to date. I have my mate now anyway.
Laziel : You think so Loni? *Winks and blows the Elder a kiss* We'll see about that.
William: Where do you hope to be in five years time? *mutters* If you live that long.
Darklon: On the thro.....*clears throat* Next question.
Arial : *Chokes.....*
William: *Darklon’s response is exactly the answer he is looking for. His eyes narrow and smile darkens. Gotcha, ya bastard, he thinks*

Lachi:  *leans forward, allowing the blast of his anger wash through the room* Never. Going. To. Happen. I promise you that, Loni.
Darklon:  *pointedly ignores Denali*
William: *Will shivers and cowers at the blast from the king wondering if he’d escape alive if all out war erupted between them. He’d never before feared Malachi Denali or his angel. Guess there really is a first time for everything, he thinks ruefully. A ripple of worry comes through the bond, his mates sensing his panic and he smooths it with as much calm as he can muster, trying to reassure them so they don’t come crashing through the door. Keeping to the less invasive questions he straightens and continues the interview*  What’s your theme song?
Darklon: *turns his gaze to Arial* I really do not know why Malachi refuses to let us slack our thirst from them. A theme song? Would he ask the human president such an inane question? Or the Pope?
Arial : *Shrugs his shoulders and yawns* I think your dancing with the devil tonight, Darklon...
William: *At the mention of drinking from humans, more specifically from William, he unconsciously rubs at his neck where he can still feel the vicious tear of fangs that nearly killed him. Christ, he’d been stupid to go out looking for it. People in his town used vampires like a drug and he’d been no different. If it wasn’t for his vampire’s life giving blood…. His hands shake uncontrollably. Tonight, he’ll have the nightmares and relive every single sickening sensation. There is no way of tempering the sheer terror he is projecting back to his mates and the men in the room with him. He crumples the paper and jams it into his pocket.* Last question, Darklon. A good question to ask a vampire, I think. *He swallows hard. Voice coming out in a hesitant whisper around the lump in his throat, he asks*  If you…. If you could drink the blood of anyone living or dead who would it be and why?
Darklon: *stares pointedly at Malachi* It is not who I would want to drink from you should be asking me; rather whose blood would I prefer to bathe in? This interview is over. I refuse to subject myself to your human mediocrity any longer. *ports out*

William: *Will slumps when Darklon disappears, letting out a pent up breath and damn near panting. He lived through the interview. If he could get home without getting jumped, he’d be safe.*
Lachi: *holds Laziel back with a hand on his arm and points at Arial* Go after him.
Laziel: *Turns molten white eyes on Lachi and snarls*  The motherfucker's going to die a slow and painful death...Mark my words. Now...Tie me the fuck down and take your fill...Or that sweet ass of yours won't know what hit it! William...It was a pleasure as always...If I was you, I'd maybe find a safe place for the next few weeks...Just to be on the safe side. You've poked the beast and that one likes to bite! Sleep tight and sweet dreams.
Lachi: *rises and pulls the angel up and into his embrace* Thank you for your time William. I do believe mine angel has a few needs...*grins wickedly* it seems my work for the night has just begun.
William: *He stares at the scene before him blushing scarlet. Feeling the passion of the two of them heat the room and his blood, William averts his eyes and stands* Always a pleasure, thank you. *he says with a slight bow, but they’re not paying any attention to him anymore, understandably. If he had his mates within reach he’d be tearing their clothes off, kingly audience or not. William smiles and quickly exits to give the two lovers their much needed playtime alone. Thanks to the waves of lust he’s been doused in tonight is going to be a long- hopefully intensely pleasurable- night for all of them.  

AUTHOR INTERVIEW with JT Cheyanne and VL Moon
1. How did your partnership come to be?
VL : After writing together within the realms of the roleplay world, JT and I found we were more than a little compatible with each other and enjoyed the many hours of brainstorming where our ideas came to life.
JT:  It was a natural fit. We had the same ideas and we compliment each other. It's usually pretty effortless.

2. Is it different writing solo after having written as a pair? Why or why not?
VL  : It is different, for me, i find it near on impossible to write a short story. EVERYTHING has to be thought through and described in detail. But due to the fact we are more than your average writing partners, we still have each other to bounce ideas off when writing solo.
JT: Yes it's different writing solo. I prefer the give and take of partnership. When you write solo, you're stuck in your own imagination and yes, limitations. With a partner, you might get thrown a curve ball that sets off an entirely new plot twist.

3. Are there any other species we haven’t seen yet coming into play in future books of the Crimson Nights series?
VL  :  Hmmm Now that would be telling. In the words of someone we all admire and love...Keep on reading!
JT: You heard the lady...

4. Who, besides the leads, are your favorite characters to write? Why?
VL  :  Has to be Arial...Gawds I love that fallen. He is so strong...Maybe too strong. The bigger they are...The harder they fall. Poor Arial is so damaged inside. He's really in for it with Rhys. Demons don't know the meaning of the word no! But then we do have book Thre, and with it, a whole host of handsome, sexy males to choose from too!
JT: I know Laz is going to get mad at me, but Vischeral. He and Copi are the first characters we ever wrote independently. He's so strong and fierce and shows the world a hard face and a nasty attitude. But, when he meets Copi, he's lost. Everything he thought he knew about himself is thrown out the window. He loves Copi passionately and will do whatever it takes to take care of his male emotionally or physically.

5. Any hobbies?
VL  : Reading. I always have a book on the go. I can't sleep unless i read.
JT: Most definitely reading.

6. What advice would you give to an aspiring author?
VL   :   If writing is your dream, then do it. Write your heart out and enjoy it. Ignore the ignorance of other peoples negativity and just go with the flow.
JT: Don't ever stop writing. Bad reviews,editors who bleed red ink, characters that decide not to's all worth it. Just keep going, the feeling when you see your name on a cover is indescribable.

7. What one song feels the most like Lachi and Laziel?
VL  :  For me it has to be....
Your Guardian Angel : Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
I Won't Give Up : Jason Mraz
All of Me  : John Legend
JT: I'd say she nailed it. All three are perfect.

8. If you could sit down and interview anyone, who would you choose and why?
VL  :  My dad. I'd love to have had more time with him, tell him i love him and kiss him goodbye.
JT: Hmmm. That's a hard one. There are quite a few I'd like to talk to for various reasons.  From an author standpoint, J.R. Ward. The Brotherhood is one of the best series I've ever read. I'm fascinated with the world she has created in the BDB books.

9. I find you and other authors like the two of you inspiring. What inspires you?
VL :  Lots of things inspire me. But mostly i think it has to be the Autumn and winter seasons that really get me going. I don't like the sun much, so long winter nights and the smell of autumn leaves and crisp frosty mornings and snow...Yeah...I love it.
JT: Everything. I see a story everywhere but the biggest inspiration is VL. She's always been my muse.

10. Time to turn the tables. What question do you have for me?
VL: What's your favorite food. I ask because i LOVE food and Lachi has a real bad aversion to kitchens and ovens. LOL
JT: True, I can't cook for shite. Don't have the patience for it. Hmm. Questions for you:
1. What's your favorite paranormal being?
2. When's your book coming out?
3. You have any chocolate?
My turn.*laughs* Good questions. Alright, lets see.
Question #1. Favorite paranormal being?
Oh… My favorite anything is a tough one to pin down, my friends. I love them all, pretty much. I love vampires of all types, shifters- particularly canines like wolves, selkies, the fae, angels….
2. When is my book coming out? Which one? *chuckles* I, well, William Tate, has have a novella coming out in a few days that I’m very excited about. I wrote it for the goodreads M/M Romance group’s event Loves Landscapes. It’s my longest published work to date. I am hoping that in addition to the novella I’ll have at least one of my novels published by the end of the year. 2015 should be an active year for me, with multiple collaborations in the works as well as some of my own books, if all goes well.
3. Chocolate?
I don’t and it is a shame. Next time I’ll make sure to have some in stock of all types. I’m partial to dark and rarely touch anything else now unless it is premium. It tastes like wax. I can’t justify the calories on something that I don’t enjoy.
JT, VL, my dear friends, I've enjoyed having you on my humble blog. You're my first guests! Thank you so much for dropping in to get tortured and share a little bit about yourselves with your readers!

Book #1 Crimson Reign


A pulse of light preceded the gift of life breathed into the coldest and darkest of souls. Bathed in the glow of celestial love and swathed in a blanket of black satin wings nestled a king among kings, a vampire born to destroy the decay threatening to eradicate the race he was destined to save.
An angelic heart torn by yearning, suffering and pain throbbed to the rhythm of the life he created; a life prophesied in the scriptures by the Creator’s own hand. A vow of servitude given in blood sealed the fate of a Seraphim’s heart and tied it eternally to the creation he craves, protects…loves.
Ancient treaties are lost and reborn, rising from the ashes as the Nephilim ravage the vampire race. The deviant desire that soared in Malachi Denali’s blood threatens to bring Rome to its knees when Malachi’s world, his soul and his heart are brutally shattered and torn apart.
Will purity born of an angel’s love be enough to calm the savage mind of Malachi Denali? Or will Laziel be doomed to a life of purgatory for loving the life he was gifted to create…
This is not a HEA, or even a HFN….Who knows what will happen to seal their fate…only time will tell. Vampires, angels, demons and wolves together with love, betrayal, sadness and yearning make up the ongoing story that is…
Crimson Reign

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About the authors

Laz and Lachi Publications is the combined writing team of J.T. Cheyanne and V.L. Moon. The two met in 2010, fell hard and fast for each other and married in April 2014. They write both independently and together in the gay erotica and gay paranormal genres. They also have a couple of contemporary romance novels under their belt.

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  1. As always my sweet dear William/Jennivie, it is always more than a pleasure to be in your company! Much love and thank you for having us.

  2. Very much enjoyed the interview darlin. We thank you for the chance to visit and appreciate all of your support and love.

    1. Any time, every time, my dear friends. I'm so glad you came by to share with us. <3