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Friday, September 12, 2014

5 Least Known Things About Me

I've decided to move this over to my blog from Facebook since at some point someone might want to know a bit more obscure things about me.

Jayson James    tagged me (several days ago \o/ ) to share 5 least known things about myself and tag another 5 and him. My victims know who they are so I'll leave them out of this, for now. Any one who reads this is more than welcome to join in, in the comments or their own page, profile, blog.

Oh man, I don't even know where to begin! 

1. I was supposed to move to Indiana in my freshman year of high school. My family was going to buy a house that came with a business, a nursery. It was an exciting idea but we didn't go through with it. I was relieved because I was A FRESHMAN in high school! And then I almost went there for college to study art and language, but decided to stay in Michigan instead. Sometimes I wonder.... what if?

2. I have intense reactions to hearing about or seeing pain. One of the reasons it is hard to watch shows like The Walking Dead until I get used to it is that I feel pain. I get stabbing almost electrical pains in weird places, like behind my knees that can often shoot through my whole body, making me instantly nauseous as well. No, I'm not making it up. I don't know why it happens. It sucks. My massage teacher mentioned a similar phenomena in empaths....

3. I used to really want to figure skate professionally and around that same time I was looking into being a child model for local department stores. Neither happened.

4. My name was almost Olympia- among other choices, I am sure, but that one stuck. One of my first thoughts of pen names back in high school was to make it Helena Olympia Bates. Helena from A Midsummer Night’s Dream- I had to recite one of her paragraphs in class and kept it with me for many years. Olympia for a name I almost had and Bates which was my grandmother’s maiden name. At the time she was still alive. Now it would be an even better tribute. Miss you, mamaw. I’ve been toying with using some combination of these names as a pen name again though I am not sure what genre or age group that would be. Something more light and loving I assume.

5.... I… I can’t come up with something for 5 that I can share in public space without it being an issue or that has become widely known in recent months…. There’s a lot to tell, though…. Maybe someday.

Oh… Right... Here’s one almost no one knows…. *sighs heavily*

5. When I was much much younger I thought I had a miscarriage. We’ll never know if I did. Probably not, now that I know about a possible ovarian cyst several years later that seems to have either burst or, for lack of a better word, deflated. But, that didn’t matter at the time. I thought I had lost a baby. I mourned, likely not as much as if I was completely certain, but mourn I did. I was so young…. I made a grave under a cluster of one of my favorite flowers, Lily of the Valley, in the corner of our front yard. I named her ‘Lily’ and I crafted a very little cross out of sticks and I think grass or something natural like that. I eventually removed it for fear it would be found and I have it along with some dried Lily of the Valley flowers in a jewelry box somewhere. I should probably write about it someday to get it out. Assuming I did have a baby, if they had lived..., my son, Greylan, would have an older sister or brother about 15 or 16 years old. And probably others. He'd probably be the last of my children instead of my first. Or maybe he wouldn't be born and that would be... unimaginable. So I don't dwell too much on the what ifs and the what might have beens because whatever I had to go through to get him- and trust me it was a shit load- was well worth it.

Your turn.

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